Lesson 1.5

Basic C# Programming Exercises

In this chapter, you will get some programming challenges. You must clear the exercises for having better understanding of programming. All the questions are based on previous examples so you won’t get any difficulties to resolve them. After completing the exercises you must post your answer in comments so other learner may get help.

Qu. 1: Write a program to display your name along with your age and city.

Qu. 2: Write a program for adding two numbers.

Qu. 3: Write a program for multiplying 2 numbers.

Qu. 4: Write a program in which you display a message about this tutorial page.


Well done! You have completed your first goal successfully. “Getting Started” was the fundamental chapter in which we tried to learn you following topics.

How to write C# program?
Where to Write C# Program?
How to execute Program?

If you’ve learned these points then move to next section of this tutorial. In the next section you will learn about variables and datatypes.