Lesson 1.1

Basic Overview of Visual Studio 2012


What is Visual Studio SDK?
Overview of Visual Studio SDK
Basic Components of VS SDK

What is Visual Studio SDK?

Visual Studio Software Development Kit is a programming development and testing environment which allows you to develop .net based projects as c#, vb.net, wpf, asp.net and much more.

Understand Visual Studio Developer Tools

Before starts writing a program, something is there in visual studio 2012 that you must need to know. However, we don’t go into deep but remembering of some tips help you to write and run your code hassle-free.

1. Project Location

By default all the program is stored in the following directory.

C:\Users\your name\Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Projects

Project Location

2. How to build and run program

You can run your program by two ways. First is by clicking the Start button on tool bar and another is by pressing F5.
Debug Program

3. Solution Explorer

Solution Explorer is like a container that keeps all the associated files related to your program or projects. It organizes files and allows you to access them easily and quickly.
Solution Explorer

4. Properties Windows

In design time, properties windows help you to change control properties quickly without writing code. In .net application everything has their properties and events and it can be easily managed using properties windows.
Properties Window

5. Toolbox

Toolbox gives you list of all the available controls and it is widely used while designing interface. You can add control to your design by double clicking on it or by dragging and dropping.

6. Main Window

It is the place where you write code in code editor or design interface in design view.
Main Windows

However, there are lots of components in visual studio but that is not necessary right now. We are keeping things simple and short so you could cover topics easily.